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Microsoft Visual Studio Tool Family

The Microsoft Visual Studio tool family consists of the tool sets:

Automatic Linking with Microsoft Visual Studio

On Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 (vc60), Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 (vc71) and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (vc80) the necessary libraries are linked automatically when the main library interface header file stm/basetype.h or one of the library object interface header files is included, unless this mechanism is suppressed by the definition of the preprocessor symbol STM_NO_LIB or STM_BASE_NO_LIB before that inclusion.

The choice of the libraries depends on the tool set used (vc60, vc71 or vc80) and on the system runtime library selected for the executable to be built. The SysToMath C Libraries package provides for each of its library modules four static library configurations (lib files) and two dynamic ones (dll files). In the following list module stands for base and vcnn for vc60, vc71 or vc80:


It is recommended that all static libraries (lib files) and their debug database files (pdb files) are located in a directory contained in the compiler system library search path. Moreover, to satisfy the application runtime requirements, it is recommended that all dynamic link libraries (dll files) and their debug database files (pdb files) are located in the application directory or in a directory contained in the system executable search path.

If you used the installation program LibStmCSetup.exe to install the SysToMath C Libraries with the installation root directory, say C:\Program Files\SysToMath, and you use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 (vc71) or Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (vc80), then the aforementioned compiler system directory recommendations are satisfied, if you add the following entries in Visual Studio, menu Tools, Options, Projects, VC++ Directories:

The example programs can then be found in C:\Program Files\SysToMath\samples\LibStmC together with ready to use Visual Studio solution files w32\LibStmC-vc71.sln and w32\LibStmC-vc80.sln.

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